About Cole Metal Products Limited

Formed in 1978 as predominantly a wire products manufacturer, Cole Metal Products Limited has grown to become the UK’s largest thermic lance manufacturer, providing its products to International Steel and Aluminium Producers down to small individual users.

We are proud to support and supply the UK’s steel industries, such as British Steel, Tata Steel, Speciality Steels and Outokumpu. Alongside these companies we also supply to scrap merchants, foundries, aluminium recyclers and individual maintenance contractors.

Cole Metal Products Limited also has a press shop and blister packing facility which we manufacture products for brands such as Tala (established over 100 years ago) alongside numerous other Light metal and tinplate products.  Our press-shop accommodates high speed hydraulic presses and traditional power presses up to 40 ton.

The company has established long term accreditations with ISO9001 as a quality assurance system and SEDEX ensuring we are part of an ethical/responsible supply chain.


Thermic Lances

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Lance Holders

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Press & Wirework

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Cole Metal Products Ltd’s management and staff strive to fulfil and exceed its customer’s needs and expectations through continuous improvement, our ISO quality system and great relationships with all our stakeholders.